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Store Terms & Conditions

By ordering our products, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein:

Intended Use: Dirty Hand Tools (referred to as DHT henceforth) accessories, parts, kits and components are intended for use only on specified DHT products. Use of unauthorized, non-compliant accessories on DHT products may void product warranties. Use of DHT parts on equipment from other manufacturers not authorized by DHT will automatically void product warranties.

Purchaser Responsibility: By accepting delivery of any DHT product, the purchaser agrees to use that product only for its Intended Use. The buyer assumes, without limitation, all risk of injury, damage, or otherwise arising out of any use other than the Intended Use of a DHT product.

Payment: Payment for all products must be made at the time of order by credit card. We accept payment with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Your payment will be taken from your card at the time of order. If there is insufficient stock of a particular product, you will be notified and that product will be shipped when stock is available.

Prices: The prevailing price for any product at the time of order shall be honored by purchaser and seller. No adjustment will be made to prices that become higher or lower in the future. All prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

Order Processing: Every effort is made to process and ship orders the same day they are placed, depending on order volume. Orders received after 2 P.M. MST will be processed the next working day (excluding holidays and weekends). In the case of an insufficient quantity all product items available will be shipped immediately with the balance of out-of-stock product shipping as soon as available.

Shipping Method: See Shipping. Contact customer service for inquiries.

Warranty: DHT warrants that all accessories, parts, kits and components will be free from defects in material or workmanship and will be in conformity with the descriptions and specifications described. Warranty does not cover normal wear, misuse, neglect, abuse, cosmetic defects, non-authorized replacement parts or accessories, or unauthorized adjustments. See for other warranty considerations.

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